We are the official meme token of GameStop on the Ethereum Blockchain. Just like GameStop was a revolution in the stock market, we are now going to make history in Crypto! We are a movement, we will show the big guys out there, the common people will take power from now on! Get ready for a rebellion against the big capitalists. We are now seizing power with our solidarity and unbridled desire and will soon rule the crypto world!

The story behind it:

This cryptocurrency is based on the GameStop phenomenon. Its story revolves around a group of individual investors who, through online forums like Reddit’s WallStreetBets, rallied to buy shares of GameStop, driving its stock price to unprecedented highs in January 2021. This unexpected surge disrupted traditional Wall Street dynamics, challenging hedge funds that had bet against GameStop’s success. The saga became emblematic of retail investors using collective action to challenge established financial institutions, sparking debates about online communities’ power and the democratization of investing. GameStop’s success, exemplified by Roaring Kitty’s influential role, showed what can be achieved through grassroots movements. We aim to replicate that success here in the realm of crypto, on the Ethereum Blockchain.


You can buy $GSTOP using various methods. We recommend using Metamask or Trustwallet, buying $ETH, transferring it to your chosen wallet, and executing the swap through the respective wallet’s interface. Decentralized exchanges like Uniswap can be utilized to acquire $GSTOP.





● Symbol: $GSTOP
● Supply: 1,000,000,000
● Tax: No Tax
● Ownership: Renounced
● Liquidity: Burned


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